Best Practices to Strengthen your eCommerce Customer Service

by Hankly
20th May, 2021 05:25pm

The best strategy for a successful business is keeping your customers satisfied. Happy customers are the key to good business. Being an eCommerce store, from products to problems, your customers will reach out to you online primarily. This means that you as an online business must be equipped to offer excellent customer service online.

What troubles customers the most is unresolved queries and incompetent customer service. Dissatisfied customers can post negative reviews on social media platforms that can tarnish the image of your brand.

In this article, we will look at some effective tips on strengthening your customer service.

Meaning of customer service in online mediums

Customer service is the infrastructure developed by online stores to assist customers through their purchase decisions, troubleshooting, query resolution, and providing information. A report by Microsoft suggests that for 95% of customers, customer service is an important factor for brand loyalty.

61% of customers stop doing business with a brand because of their bad customer service. Therefore, creating a strong customer service infrastructure is imperative.

How can outstanding customer service benefit your business?

• It can create an excellent customer experience which invariably builds up to brand loyalty.

• Proper assistance and guidance lead to more conversion rates.

• Proactive customer service creates a favorable image of a brand.

We have collated the best practices for eCommerce customer service. These tips will help you strengthen your offering and create an excellent experience for customers.

Seamless experience across channels

Today your customers are not concentrated on a single place. Rather, people use multiple channels quite actively. Being an online business, it is your job to find out channels where you can find most of your customers. Expecting your customer to reach out to you on your own platform is quite impractical these days.

Social media platforms and other online hangouts are well equipped to bring brands to customers. Thus, it is likely that you must reach out to your customers on all the channels.

The first step is to identify and target a few specific channels that you need to cover. The second step is to make your customer support available through these channels or redirect the customer to your central support system from these channels.

The more base you cover, the more troubled customers you can cater to. Make sure that be it social media platforms, mobile apps, desktop websites, or any other form of channel, you have a similar communication and method. This doesn’t confuse the customer when they switch from one channel to another to resolve their queries.

Proactive customer service

Proactive customer service is when a brand reaches out to a customer-first with a solution. This is often done with the intent to prevent the problem before it arises. Even if a problem occurs, the brands reach out to the customer with a solution.

Microsoft found out that 70% of customers form a favorable opinion about a brand that offers proactive customer service notifications. 

You can convert to proactive customer service by following these tips:

• Gather customer feedback. Listen to your customer and analyze their data. Listen to when they report an error or want customer support. Increase your response time to reach out to your customers first.

• Monitor customer activity like tickets they raise, calls they make to representatives and issues they report.

• Create material that customers can use for self-help. FAQ sections, small guidebooks, and tutorial videos are one way of reaching out to your customers with self-help material.

Create response infrastructure on social media

Social media has become an integral part of your customer's life. It has become an organic sum in the way customers deal with a brand interacting through a device. Though talking to a representative on call is still an effective way of troubleshooting, customers are more impatient than ever before.

Nearly 60% of customers prefer to get a response to their service questions or complaints on social media. This can be a move that changes everything for you. A very few companies are doing this but it receives a great customer response. Though social media is a little volatile, controlling the environment and following ethical guidelines can turn to great advantage. 

You can engage with your customers on social media responding to their posts, tweets, pictures, and complaints. It gives you more visibility and enhances your brand image if done right.

Resolve issues in a single interaction

One of the most frustrating experiences for a customer is to contact customer care repeatedly to resolve simple issues. It significantly pulls down a brand’s image and customers associate feelings of negativity like irritation, anger, and frustration with the brand.

It should be your sincere attempt to resolve customer issues in a single interaction. A study suggested that 53% of participants found this to be the most irritating factor in customer care.

Allow customers to give feedback

One of the most effective ways to improve your product/service, website, or any other aspect of your business is to listen to your customers. They offer the most valuable piece of advice. It not only improves your business but also makes your brand favorable to customers.

Microsoft found out that 90% of customers favor brands which gives the opportunity to provide feedback. This feedback can be gathered from social media, your own website, or any other portal. We understand it is not always possible to respond to every feedback you receive but you can attempt to answer a few directly.


Implementation is the cause of change and growth. Do not offer mediocre or bad customer service. It is worse than offering none. We hope you will apply these tips and experiment to see what is working for you to how much degree.

Offering excellent customer service is not just another trick to increase sales or brand loyalty. It is a way of reflecting that your customers matter to you. It is about keeping the customers first. Successful conversion, brand loyalty, and image are mere consequences of your efforts and offers.

These simple tips will help you strengthen your customer care support and offer a better service to your customers.  

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