Ecommerce: New Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

by Hankly
21st Feb, 2022 05:01pm

The Pandemic has increased the growth of the eCommerce industry in India. You are now accustomed to having products delivered to your doorsteps. According to the statistics the industry is believed to grow by 84% in the next 4 years. It will reach $111 billion by 2024.

The online market is the future. Every business be it offline or online has to level up at its game. The market is coming up with new strategies to provide a better consumer and Shopping experience for the customers. It was easy in the past, all you needed was a website for your online store. Now the game is changing, you need to be up to date and with trends to survive in 2022.

Here are the Top 5 Trends Shaping the Ecommerce Industry in 2022

  • Your BrandStory
  • Focus on Mobile Commerce
  • Use Of Social Media
  • Personalize Customer Experience
  • Livestream Selling

Your BrandStory

Various Studies Show that most marketers undervalue the importance of Branding and connecting their message to the customer. Studies show that 70% of marketers cut their budgets for branding, and focus more on performance-based advertising.

Yes, performance-based ads do increase conversion, but in the long run to get loyal customers you need to build a Brand. Most customers make buying decisions with their emotions, you need to connect with them on an emotional level.

Branding can leave a huge impression on your customer. According to a study, 80% of customers conduct thorough research before buying online — What most of them choose is a Strong Brand.

Focus on Mobile Commerce

The first thing we check early in the morning is our mobiles. That’s How it is, Right? Almost everything you do involves a mobile. The same goes for shopping. mCommerce has enabled customers to buy products and services from anywhere, anytime they want.

Mobile commerce is the leading trend in the above-mentioned list. This can break or make your eCommerce business.

The rise of Jio and now this global pandemic has drastically moved people towards shopping with their mobile devices. Studies show that 83% of people owning a smartphone shop using their mobile devices.

Your eCommerce business needs fresh mobile-first strategies. New technologies are being released, like 5G. The market is shifting towards mCommerce — Obviously, because you and I are obsessed with our phones. Following this trend is a must for growing your eCommerce store in 2022.

To attract new traffic and more customers to your eCommerce store, mCommerce offers a ton of methods for it, such as push notifications and SMS marketing. Reach your audience and personalize your every message to get the best results

Use Of Social Media

Social media marketing is the only form of marketing that’s still relevant in 2022. Why? Simple because everyone is there, with more than 4.55 billion users across the world. The numbers themselves indicate how influential it can be.

73% of businesses are already using social media to spread more customer awareness of their brand. In the next 3 years, it’s believed 79% will do the same. So if you’re not selling your products on social media, You are Missing Out on a ton of opportunities.

But, with more people comes more competition. Being up to date and consistently producing high-quality content requires a lot of things you have to keep in mind.

  • Following up with the trend
  • Providing content that’s relevant to our audience
  • Eye-catching Posts

Methods You Can Implement to Grow Your Audience On Social Media

Relatable Story/Testimonials

Posting testimonials and Stories. Humans love stories, it is in their genes since birth. You can share the success story of Your past clients with your audience. It impacts prospects mentally by thinking “If they made it, I can too”.

By sharing relevant stories where businesses made it big after turning online you can connect with them on an emotional level. It will compel them to take the next step that’s signing up for your offer. Testimonials of clients can be a big help too, prospects will see the real-time difference your product can make in their lives.

Share Tips and Tricks

Me Me Me! Hurts a person’s reputation, the same is the case with a business. Always asking for sign-ups and producing content that’s related to your product can backfire sometimes. Share content that’s of great value to them… Such as Tips and Tricks that can help them in their life’s.

Like how Shopify and other competitors like bigcommerce do it in their blogs and social media posts. These posts can be simple informational e.g(Tips to Grow Your Business Online). They will make your page look valuable and will help you get more followers.

Ask a Simple Question

Asking simple thought-provoking questions that are relevant to your audience can increase your engagement like crazy. But it should be simple and easy to answers… Multichoice are the easiest and the safest in this category.

Valuable Resources

A valuable resource for generating more leads. It should be compelling enough to make them leave Instagram and go to our profile to reach our website. Such as Ebooks, Free Gifts

Memes/Humorous Post

According to a study, memes are the most engaging content pieces on the internet. They evoke human emotion worldwide and get prospects to share your content with others.

But caution with these, you don’t want people to feel offended.

Product Information

You can easily share information related to your products. It will increase your product awareness. Instagram and Facebook have made it so easy to market your products. You can run ad campaigns to increase the traffic of your eCommerce store. And Get more direct sales.


They worked in past and they still work. You see people want to feel that their journey is larger than life. What they are doing is influential. By posting Quotes you can make them feel motivated and showcase that you are there with them in their journey.

These were some of the different ways in which you can create social media content for your business.

Personalize Customer Experience

The only disadvantage of online shopping is it doesn’t give real-time experience to the customer. Whereas In a real store, you can try that shirt you want And stand in front of the mirror for a snap — Everybody does!

But that is where Augmented reality commerce (AR) comes in.

It gives the customers a 3D presentation of the product. It will enable you to see how the product looks on you. Such as:

  • How lens cart enables the customers to see how the lens will look in reality
  • How the table will appear in the room
  • You can experience how will the makeup match your skin tone

It is believed 101.6 million consumers will use AR at least once a month. Studies also show that 66% of the shoppers prefer using AR before buying something!

The customers get a real-time experience of how the product will work for them. It clears their doubt and makes their buying decisions more accurate, resulting in lesser returns and complaints.

Getting AR fr your store can be a tedious task and costly too. But it’s beneficial to increase a better consumer experience.

Livestream Selling

Have you ever watched a person presenting products and services on television? That’s exactly what happens in Livestream Selling, a slight difference that it happens online on social media channels.

All thanks to the fast internet and the rise of influencers this selling technique is booming. In a physical store, the customer service is great. They simply focus on a fewer number of people at a time, solving their queries and providing the best instructions until the customers are willing to buy.

Whereas, eCommerce stores have a much bigger reach than physical stores. You can easily serve people, even if they are sitting in the next corner of the world as long as they have an internet connection.

Livestream Selling successfully combines the advantages of physical and online selling. You can simply reach millions of people and interact with them on a ONE on ONE level.

The stats suggest that Livestream Selling generated more than 60$ billion in 2021, and is predicted to just keep on increasing its states.

Wrapping up

Ecommerce business will always keep evolving with the change in trends. Stay tuned to all the latest trends and techniques to be relevant in the market. Keep an eye on whats happening in the market, because its changing rapidly. For you to stay up there with your competition follow every trend thats aligned with your business.

Follow these trends, And GET STARTED!

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