Social Media: Current state of the art

by Shreeya Ray
10th Apr, 2022 05:13pm

Social Media is a platform that is open to all. One place which has no boundaries to what a person, object, or business can be. It is a term that has been coined for all these websites, applications, interactions, content sharing, and collaborations. People like us use it for connecting with other people. Businesses on the other hand use it for promoting their company. Personal or professional, every little detail is a part of the internet and from time to time it has proved to be a great tool for communication and consuming content. It is uncensored and broad. That brings us to the fact,

As of October 2021, 57.6% of the world’s population uses social media. The average daily use per person is 2 hours and 27 minutes, that is 147 minutes per day and this is just the average. This number has been increasing minute by minute since 2019.

Social Media strategies that could get you results:

Understanding the functional and basic building blocks of social media is important if you want to learn how to use it wisely for information, persuasion, and profit. This includes a few simple steps.

1. Creating an identity:

Installing applications such as Instagram, Youtube , Twitter, and a lot more that specifically suit your style of content. Understanding what works for you is important. Creating a profile, setting up a profile picture, writing a bio, and linking any previous websites that you have already worked on, are all part of the process.

2. Showing perseverance :

The constant presence that you create online can help you build a reputation and maintain relationships with your target audience. By checking your accounts statistics, check when your followers are most active on your page. Set up a day and time to upload your posts and be regular with it. Add a few trending hashtags and keywords which might attract a new audience. Because of this, the app’s algorithm itself works in such a way that it boosts your posts organically.

3. Building a network :

It is a good sign if your followers tend to share your content regularly. That means they are engaging with it and are forwarding it to different people who then come and follow you back. And when this happens a network is built which is because of publicity.

Social media is a place where you have an opportunity to talk about what you know and share your valuable insights, which then translates to what you want to be known for.

Not only on a personal level but also on a professional one. Social media has skyrocketed so many businesses. All the brands now tend to advertise their products on these platforms. Clever product placements, collaborations, making short quick-witted videos, and experimental product photography has quite upped the game compared to traditional television and print advertising that happened a few years back. It has increased brand recognition and value and has improved customer loyalty.

How to find the right balance?

Social media can act as a benefit or as an affliction, depending on how you use it. It is beneficial when you want to stay connected with people worldwide. Getting information at the tip of your fingers and even finding jobs that let you work remotely. Involvement in all social causes and having an awareness of what is happening around. But, it’s not always like this. With all the positives there have to be a few negatives that you would want to overcome with time.

As content is being put out continuously the amount of time people spend on their phones is increasing day by day which is making us lose the sense of reality. This causes a lot of mental health issues that are duly ignored because we fail to read the signs all along. Exposure to content that is not age-appropriate that adults do not have any control over. Cyberbullying also deteriorates a person’s mental well-being. That is why it is necessary to find the right balance between the good and the bad.

Controlling your screen time, engaging with content and people that make you happy, and not taking things very seriously. Social media is open to all, so there will always be a lot of opinions that might hurt your sentiments and beliefs. Always try to have a healthy relationship with the content that you consume or create.

Wrapping Up :

One thing we can figure out is that social media varies from person to person, it does not matter if you are creating or consuming content. Every content has its own set of audiences. It is a game-changer for people who create an identity and a brand out of themselves or make a completely separate business out of it. Social media is bound to take everything from a zero to a hundred. So, to have an online presence for yourself or your brand is important if the reach you want to go for is quite large. It facilitates sharing, creating, and interaction which is a form of expression that is open to all. And it is in fact ‘The newest trend’.

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