These must-have features are indisposable for an eCommerce Platform

by Hankly, New Delhi
23rd May, 2021 01:02pm

Ecommerce platforms have made it extremely easy to create online stores and businesses for people with no technical experience. Creating a simple website, let alone a functional online store, can take a lot of effort, knowledge, and skills. However, eCommerce platforms allow people with no technical background to create complex online stores without hassling with codes.

There are so many eCommerce platforms offering an array of tools and features today that it might get confusing for a lot of beginners. Your online business is an important investment of you your time, money, and energy. Thus, you must choose a platform that makes your work easy, and you want to stick with it for a long time.

So, how do you choose which platform is just right for you? Considering multiple dynamics and dimensions of an eCommerce store and the support it needs, we have breakdown the solution for you in the following must-have features that makes an eCommerce platform holistic.

Without further ado, let's dive in!

Scalable, flexible, and scope to evolve

An important thing while selecting a platform is to see if it is scalable and flexible. What does it mean? Well, your online business is not a static entity. It evolves and grows over a period of time. As it grows, it needs more resources, tools, and advanced features. The eCommerce platform that you choose to build your online store must allow you to scale your resources and tools as your business grows.

Usually, vertical scaling is a great choice where you can upgrade to larger and more robust plans which allow you more bandwidth, accounts, tools, storage space, etc.

The platform should be compatible with third-party tools and software. Likely, a platform might not have a specific feature by default, but if it's flexible it allows you to add that feature through a third-party software.

Industry based niche solutions

One way to save time and effort is to find a platform that offers you an industry-based solution. Instead of creating an online store from scratch, customizing each and every element for your niche, industry-based solutions offer customizable templates. This saves you a lot of time, gives you a proper framework around which you can structure your own online business.

However, it is not just about templates. Solutions based on niche industries also offer tools and features that are specific to your needs. For example, a restaurant website might need a digital menu, virtual waiting tables, food customization menus, etc. Either you can create all of this yourself or a platform has an integrated solution for this.

Integrated payment and shipping service

Finding the right payment gateways which are secure and quick can be challenging. Setting them up takes time and a long verification process. However, various platforms offer integrated payment methods which do not require any kind of setup. Check for security, reliability, and speed. Long and complex payment processes are a big reason for customers to drop their shopping carts.

The next generation of online stores is expected to have quick and cheap delivery. Some eCommerce platforms have stepped up to this challenge and offer a partnered shipping and delivery service. You don’t have to tie up with logistic companies anymore, because eCommerce platforms do that already. With a few clicks, you can get your orders ready to be shipped.

Easy interface for page building and design

GUI-based web development platforms have perhaps changed the whole wave of internet dominance in the 21st century. Because it doesn’t require technical knowledge of coding and many computer languages, more and more individuals have become self-reliant.

Any platform that you choose must have a very easy-to-use interface that lets you design and builds pages and other elements of your website without hassle. We at Hanky have our own intuitive, beginner-friendly page builder which doesn’t require any coding skills. It lets you build pages with a simple drag, drop, and click.

SEO friendly

SEO is an organic way to rank your website on search engines. Being an online business, SEO must be one of your priorities. It is imperative for you to show in top search results for more traffic and conversions to happen. That is why we suggest you keep yourself updated on the latest standard SEO practices.

You must choose a platform that is SEO-friendly and pushes your website to be at par with the latest SEO practices. Optimizing metadata, optimizing media files for alt texts, and creating an XML sitemap are some ways your platforms allow you to boost your SEO.

Mobile responsive

Today, more than 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. More than 50% of online shopping is done through mobile devices. 78% of customers believe that online transactions are easier done with mobile phones.

All these stats simply suggest that you cannot miss the traffic that comes in from mobiles. There is simply no alternative. The eCommerce platform must build websites that are mobile responsive, or you miss out big time. If you have seen broken websites, error pages, and distorted layouts, it means that the website wasn’t mobile responsive. You don’t want this to happen to your site.

It significantly hurts the credibility and brand value of your business. Though most of the platforms today come with mobile responsiveness, it is still important to check before deciding.

Wrapping up!

Why we stress selecting the right eCommerce platform is because this will set the foundation for your online business. It can cost you more than money to choose the wrong one. The bright side is that there are truly great platforms that offer amazing features at affordable prices.

We believe in empowering creators and businesses to go online. Selecting the right platform is a small first step towards their online journey. These basic features are a must and will go a long way in creating a sustainable and strong online store.

We hope this blog helped you gain clarity on indisposable features that an eCommerce platform must have!

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