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Got what it takes to create a phenomenal website? Hankly offers you DIY (Do It Yourself) plan with no trials or limitations. It's all free forever! We only charge


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You can hire our experts and they will design your theme, add pages, example products, live chat, Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel. You can also choose to get additional work done at very reasonable pricing. If you have work that needs to be done from experts. You can calculate the estimated fee using our Calculator Here.

Questions people ask us (FAQs)

We've listed out some questions that people generally ask us. If you have some other questions your can always send us a quick email at support@hankly.com.

Are there any subscription fees?

No, Zero monthly subscription fee! Pay only 3%, when you earn via online transactions. You can enable COD option for your customers by paying Rs.999 annually.

How many products or pages can I create in my website?

No, Why limit yourself when you have everything free. You can upload as many products as you want.

What is the hosting fee on Hankly

There is no such fee. Enjoy your forever free hosting with Hankly.

Is there any limit on bandwidth

No, there is not limit on bandwidth of your website. All Hankly stores run with best performance for free.

Can I use my custom domain, what is the fee?

Yes, you can connect you existing domain for free. There is no fee for connecting your domain.

I don't have a domain, how will my customers visit my website

We provide free hankly.com domains to all our stores, you can also purchase a domain & connect to your store for free.

How can I get an SSL installed on my website?

You can contact us to get SSL for your website at only 299/-. Installation happens as soon as you complete your payment.

Can I purchase a domain from Hankly?

No, You can not purchase a domain from Hankly yet. Though you can purchase a domain and connect it to your Hankly store for free.

Is there any shipping fee?

You can compare and choose from 17+ shipping partners or ship by yourself, We don’t charge anything on shipping.

How can I hire a Hankly Expert?

Drop us an email on support@hankly.com or WhatsApp us @7887867224

Will the transaction amount be directly transferred in my bank account?

No, we will transfer the amount in your account after 48 hours, once you have shipped the item to your customer.

How can I get early order settlement?

You can enable early settlements at 7% per online transaction and we will transfer the amount in your account same day.

What is Hankly Wallet?

You can use Credits from Hankly Wallet to avail services like content writing, marketing, website design, logo design etc. from us.

How do I get credits in Hankly Wallet?

You can recharge your Hankly Wallet anytime from your Dashboard, 1 Credit = 1. We also give reward credits from time to time as a token of Thanks to our store owners.

How can I delete my Hankly account/store?

Send us an email at support@hankly.com from your registered Email ID and we will process your request in 48 working hours.

Does hankly save my card details?

Data security is our primary concern. No, we don't save any information related to your credit/debit/card or net-banking

Is GST Mandatory

No, you can run your store without GST. Hankly doesn’t ask for GST certificate to sell. However, As per the GST law “businesses whose turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs* (Rs 10 lakhs for NE and hill states) is required to register”. If you a turnover that exceeds this limit, please get the GST registered and pay taxes on time.

Does hankly charge on COD?

You can enable COD by paying Rs 999 and get unlimited free COD for a year. We do not charge the 3% transaction fee per order on COD orders if you ship by yourself.

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