The website is operated by Hankly. Throughout the site, the terms "we", "us" and "our" refer to Hankly. When you visit this website or purchase anything from this website, you must agree to the terms set out in this agreement.


You can not use Hankly for any illegal purposes. You must comply to the laws applicable in your jurisdiction and obey all the rules and regulations, Hankly will not be responsible for any misuse.

You must not reproduce, duplicate or resell any of our services without our permission.

By using our services, you agree to allow us to send E-Mail and SMS communication you and your customers.

Account Related

To create and manage your store, you must register for a Hankly account using your business name and email address. We reserve right to review and reject or cancel your account based on our policies.

We can use your email address you provided to open your account time to time for communcation.

You must keep your password secure. Hankly will not be liable for any loss from failure to maintain your password a secret.

Technical Support is only provided to the account owner and not anyone else.

Content Usage

All the logos, brands, labels, names or any combination thereof appearing in this site are properties either owned or used under license by Hankly. The use of these properties is strictly prohibited.

All the logos, products uploaded for sell on our website remains an exclusive property of the business owner using our services. Hankly does not claim any ownership of that content.

Business owners must understand that their content will be exposed publicly to a variety of customers and others business owners and that Hankly is not responsible for intellectual property rights relating to the content.

We reserve the right to review and remove any materials including logo, text, shapes, products or photos uploaded from your store.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to modify, terminate or cancel the services for any reason without notice at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse our services to any entity for any reason at any given time.

Written or verbal threats, abuse of any Hankly customer or representative can result in instant termination of the store/account.

Hankly reserves the right to update the terms and conditions on this page at any time. Your continued use of our services constitutes your agreement towards the changes terms.

A violation of any terms maintained on this page may result in instant termination of the account, forever.


You may use our shipping services to deliver your orders to your customers or choose to use your own shipping partner

Hankly only serves as an intermediate entity between you and the courier partner. We are not responsible for the labeling, pick up, transportation and delivery of your products.

We’ll send a tracking link for order to you and your customers once it is shipped via email.

You agree to allow us to share your customer's information such as email, phone number, address with the courier partner for shipping & delivery purposes.

You agree to pay fee for all shipments that you ship through us, you are responsible for any applicable taxes on the same.


Hankly is not responsible for the quality of products uploaded by you in your store. All the exchange or returns should be handled and processed only by you.


We charge a commision of 3% per order, all your online payments are settled 2 days after the order date once the product is shipped or the service is provided.

The minimum settlement amount must be ₹1

You must provide your bank details, UPI ID or Paypal email where we can send income received from your sale.

Your customers can send complaints related to payments on In case of any violation or fraud, we reserve the right to refund the payment and terminate your account after review.

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